Raising Brandon – Creating a path to INDEPENDENCE for your Adult “kid” with Autism and Special Needs

Raising Brandon has become a manual for parents who have children and adults with autism and special needs. The book informs, educates, and offers HOPE to a generation of parents struggling for answers.

Starr addresses the common pitfalls, such as shame, secrecy, and denial. She describes how damaging these can be personally, as well as on the marriage. Further, she provides proven tools for releasing yourself and breaking free to create a better life for you and your family.

A message close to Starr’s heart is made loud and clear throughout the book. Although her son was diagnosed with epilepsy and learning disorders at the age of nine, it was not until he turned thirty-two that Starr discovered Brandon had autism. She emphasizes how early intervention is key, but Starr knows firsthand and shares, “It is never too late to get help for your children. Brandon is living proof that anything is possible!”


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I Have Autism…What’ll I Do Without You, Mom? How to Prepare for When Your Special Needs Child Outlives You 

In Starr’s latest book, “I Have Autism…What’ll I Do Without You, Mom?” she writes all about this subject matter and includes a separate in depth section on “How to Achieve Independence.”  The more independent our children are, the better it will be for them now and after their parents are gone. Yes, talking about one’s mortality is never an easy or pleasant topic, but with our special needs children it may be the single most important thing a parent can do. Starr discovered that when parents address this issue head on they feel a tremendous relief. No reason to put this off anymore, Starr’s book will take you hand in hand as she shares how she achieved this goal and how you can too.

“Amalia Starr takes her readers by the hand and walks this journey with us with sensitivity and decades of wisdom.  Every special needs parent should read this book, which deals with the reality that our children need to be prepared to outlive us. From tips on how to launch our adult children into the maximum level of independent living to planning for them to thrive after we have left this planet, this book has it all—encouragement, practical advice, and the forms to create a personalized Care Manual.”

–Bobbi Sheahan, author of “What I’d Wish I’d Known About Raising a Child With Autism”

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Coming Soon: Final Instructional Care Manual

Your Final Instructional Care Manual can be downloaded from my website. You will be able to fill it in and print it out from your computer.  It will also give you extra space to write what you want and need to say.  You will be able to change, add or update anything easily before you create a permanent PDF file.  Make copies and keep them in safe place with your other important documents.

Your child’s history will support those you have selected to assist your child, and help them ensure that the quality and consistency of your child’s life is maintained.   Keep your Final Instructional Care Manual and your audios and videos up to date and all together in one place.   Be sure to tell a few trustworthy people where they can find this information. You will find your working manuals included in my book, I Have Autism…What’ll I Do Without You, Mom?

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